How to crack Group Discussions-Practice GD without joining classes

How to practice Group Discussions without joining any classes

How to crack Group Discussions_Part 1_Practice without joining classes

To be very frank I have given more than 10 to 12 GD so far during my college and I don’t remember ever getting disqualified in any one of them. But for many, it can be the only reason why they couldn’t get a job is not being able to perform in GD. I won’t be sharing that you can get from any other website but try to bring something new into the market. Just follow what I am explaining you will be a pro at this at the end of the day.

 Improve your GD Skills every day –

Yup, you read it right you can improve it every day, let me explain How and Why?


What is the GD????

If you ask me what is GD? It is a few people discussing a certain topic and trying to come to one conclusion in a restricted time. Now look around yourself don’t you encounter such a situation every day in your life.

Practical Examples

Let me give a few examples –

One of your friend in the hostel is sick he needs to be admitted now, 5-6 of his close friends come together to discuss what can be done now or group of students planning at night for their trip tomorrow morning or having a discussion with your friends who will be next PM.

How to crack Group Discussions_Part 1_Practice without joining classes

These are the day to day situations where you can master your GD skills. So you have to imbibe the following qualities to become an expert.-
  1. Taking lead.
  2. Professionally putting your point.
  3. Listening Skills
  4. Body language.
  5. Getting involved in the discussion.
  6. Appreciating others good views or disagreeing with there views.
  7. How to handle the conflict or verbal dispute in the team.
  8. Not deviating from the agenda of the GD.
  9. Persuading others without dominating or being aggressive.
  10. Understanding the topic with good knowledge about it.

(Note:-These are some qualities in general but according to the job you are applying for, the company may focus on specific quality please do proper research for that.)


Now the question comes why I should do it every day? I can just try faking these qualities on the day of the GD. Yeah, but it doesn’t work like that. Why?

You can’t fake these qualities

Let me tell you at times the atmosphere is so stressful in GDs with time constraint that your real self/ personality comes out and you don’t have control over yourself. I have seen people getting wild and shouting. After coming out of the GD they just don’t know what happened. 

That’s because in general, they are like that in their daily life. Even not by verbal indication at times the panel sitting is capable enough to catch you through by body gestures. Please try making these qualities your second nature and after that believe me GD will be a cake walk for you.

Watching online videos /Joining classes is not a full proof solution.

Many students they join classes for GD prep or end up watching a lot of videos but they are totally blank where to practice this. Again the coaching classes may take some mock GD but it’s not your nature yet so I don’t know whether you will make it really stressful GDs.

Faster Promotion
This approach has a better outcome in long run, let's say when you join the company this will be considered as one of the factors for your promotion by the management as well. Like in meetings how you are behaving with seniors as well as subordinate. No company will make your boss/manager if you don’t know how to handle a bunch of employees. 

See to handle machine at times is easy because their behavior is predictable but here humans you can’t say one has to be really refined in his speech.

Tips for the students -

  1. Try to interact with teachers and see how they are behaving in meetings or how they behave professionally in college meetings.
  2. Be a part of some club/NGO/committee in college where you get to interact with different working professionals.
  3. At the time of internships attending some meetings in the company will also help you.

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