How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life | Part 1 | Hostel Life Begins

How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life | Part 1 | Hostel Life Begins

                     My son Akshay, did you pack your bags? Yes, Mom did it. What about your mobile, charger, earphones, and other electronic stuff. Did it already Mom. It was the day I was supposed to leave for my hostel. As I passed 12th standard & got admission in one of the prestigious colleges of PUNE UNIVERSITY.

How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life_Part 1_Hostel Life Begins

Everyone in the house was running here and there to pack my luggage & here was I thinking about how my college and hostel life was going to be. I have heard and seen in many movies how its a life of freedom.

 The modern world blatantly portrays freedom in its highly positive connotation. 

But Gita talks about the dual nature of the world where nothing is absolute. Even the very freedom has its flip side. The freedom given to a person who is not qualified to handle it hurts himself and society as well.

The data given by CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) proves this by stating that "If smoking continues at the current rate among U.S. youth, 5.6 million of today’s Americans younger than 18 years of age are expected to die prematurely from a smoking-related illness".

 Not aware of this knowledge I was coming under the propaganda created by the modern society which is very expert in rationalizing the rationale lies. I was remembering the typical movies of Bollywood starting from Student of The Year to 3 Idiots and was just dreaming about my upcoming freedom.

How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life_Part 1_Hostel Life Begins

"Where is the idiot" I could recognize the tone & understand my father is angry. "Akshay hurry up we are leaving in the next 15 minutes" He shouted. Did I  mention that my father was in the Indian Army for 25 years and retired from the post-Subedar Major? Due to this naturally, my lifestyle at home was with a lot of rules and discipline.

Again the modern world always promotes rules and regulations with a highly negative connotation. Anything which restricts freedom will make one unhappy. Let us take a few examples to smash this modern conception into dust. The rule for fish is to stay in the water but it's always good for fish to be in the water. Soldiers get up early morning to get trained which is again a rule but it does make them stronger and stronger every day. In both, the cases following of the rules and regulations seems to be a good choice.

Imagine if you play cricket & there are no rules. The bowler comes running and instead of bowling, he keeps running and hits the batsman. The batsman is fallen on the ground and the bowler hits the stumps with the ball. Such cricket makes no sense.

Even to enjoy a sport like a cricket you need rules and regulations what to say about life without rules.

The Gita neither promotes restriction of freedom nor acceptance of too many rules and regulations. Gita takes it all together on a different level which is the integration of freedom and restrictions. As per Gita, freedom doesn't mean rejection of restrictions but rather the acceptance of right restrictions. 

Now the car was about to leave and my Mom was like"take care of your me every day...sleep on nicely...don't take too much stress..." I was quite emotional here from inside to leave my family but the passion to hunt the new freedom surpassed that soon. 

How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life_Part 1_Hostel Life Begins

When my relative came to know about this that I am going to stay in a hostel they proactively started preaching and giving orientation about the hostel atmosphere like ragging, smoking, drugs, etc.

I was first to reach the hostel room & conquered the bed next to the window. I had three roommates who were from different parts of Maharashtra. The hostel life began with full force with late nights, parties, outings, movies, bunks, freshers parties and birthday bums ( birthday boy receives a series of kicks from his all friends together at once on his hips - that's an expression of love on birthday called   birthday bums )

Everything was going the way I wanted but still, something was missing. Not knowing that this as ephemeral bliss. 

As Krishna also says in Gita Chapter 2 , 14th verseOh Son of Kunti, the nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.

Sooner I started encountering many problems with this lifestyle. Movies generally show a very utopian life of the hero in the movies but the reality is very harsh.

One of my roommates had a habit of drinking and smoking. Slowly he taught this art to many other friends in the hostel. I could see the boys from a respected backgrounds like the son of a lawyer, police, doctor, etc were not capable enough to handle the freedom and got swayed away.

How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life_Part 1_Hostel Life Begins

Again Krishna warns in Gita Chapter 5 , 22 verse

An intelligent person does not take part in the sources of misery, which are due to contact with the material senses. O son of Kunti, such pleasures have a beginning and an end, and so the wise man does not delight in them.

None of us had this knowledge of Gita and all of us were struggling to handle the untimely freedom given to us. "  'To choose' is itself not freedom, maturity to choose wisely is".  I read this quote in Mumbai on a side bag of a teenager but now the meaning was sinking deep inside the heart and making more sense.

As I was not an exception to this and I was often forced by my friends with this dialogue "Tera baap toh army me hai tujhe toh pina hi chahiye" ( Your father is in the army, you should drink with us) .
This use to go till late night. Due to this I was once caught sleeping right in the middle of chemistry class. 
How Bhagavad Gita Changed My Life_Part 1_Hostel Life Begins

Somewhat like this with closed eyes, I was looking at the teacher. She was feeling pitty and angry with me at the same time. But for me, it was not a usual incident. So far in school, I was a bright student. Getting insulted in front of everyone was a nightmare. 

But they were too many of them, so even me and my other roommates were afraid to tell these bunch of oenophiles to got somewhere else and leave us alone.


Bhagavad Gita is a book of wisdom and gift to modern man by ancient Vedic culture. This knowledge is currently getting lost is not getting passed on to the next generation. This article is an attempt to share this knowledge as much as possible. I will need support from the readers to help me share.

Buy a copy of Bhagavad Gita for yourself from here . Here you will get it in multiple languages starting from English, Hindi ,Marathi ,Gujarathi etc.

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