3 Ultimate Techniques to Study Effectively

Most Efficient Way of Studying: Become a Superman

3 Ultimate Techniques to Study Effectively

Since childhood everybody is telling us one should study nicely or study hard or whatever this keeps on coming from everyone starting with parents, teachers, neighbor etc. But nobody teaches us how to study.
Even the teacher comes and teaches what to study but rarely they teach us how to study?

I was very poor in the study from the beginning itself that forced me to take shelter of different study technique. Believe me, I have tried 100 ways of studying after going through different videos and seminars.T hen I came up with my own way of studying which is the ultimate killer technique for studying. Nothing beyond this you can get on this planet. It goes like this.

1.Study Time Vs  Concentration

Every operating unit  has a limitation at that point only it can give optimum output or most efficient output. Whether it’s a  car or a mobile any machine around you. Same goes with our brain. It has a limited capacity for which it can concentrate effectively. 

That is  25 minutes according to various studies performed by the scientist.
So whenever you study never sit for long hours at a stretch.Sit for 25 minutes take a 5 min break.

That can be utilized to listen to music, dance, answering natures call, nap etc. The aim is to refresh the mind. Make sure you come back after 5 minutes and continue your studies. 

At the same time, you should give a target to your brain that what you are going to study within this 25 min that also plays a crucial role.

How it works:-

1. Now your brain has a target to achieve so the focus comes naturally the way it happens just before the exam.
2. Your mind knows that there is a break after 25 minutes so it doesn’t bother you much.
3. After your break you are fresh again this brings back your efficiency.


1.If you can sit for 50 minutes of study and take a 10 minutes break that can be the better option unless your mind is not so hyperactive.

2. Especially if you can manage to take a nap during the breaks of 5 min or 10 min will help what you studied to convert it from temporary to permanent memory especially when you are studying for long hours.

2. How to control the monkey like mind:-

3 Ultimate Techniques to Study Effectively

Even after this when you sit to study you will find there is the parade of thoughts, temptations, desires etc demanding your attention. For example, the mind will say …”I need to wash clothes”….”I have to return his notes “….’My that assignment is remaining”.It is natural because it is important but not at the time when you are studying. There is a very good solution for this.

 Keep the Short notebook:-

  1. Keep a short notebook next to you at the time of studying.
  2. Whatever important comes to your mind which is not allowing you to study just write it down.

How it works?

Your mind is just trying to tell you that there is something important pending to do which you may forget later on to do. But when you write it down the mind is pacified that my points are considered now no more excuse I have to focus.

3. Small tips but will make a big impact-

  1. Sit in the same place every day to study.
  2. Keep a water bottle-water. Water has dissolved oxygen that helps if taken little sips in between.
  3. Avoid studying in low light it reduces productivity.
  4. Mobile phone should be switched off or silent.

After trying so many ways I could say these are the best ways of studying. The combo of point 1 & 2 written above will make you a superman. 

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