How to Answer Question in Technical Job Interview

How to answer the question in Technical Job Interview-

How to answer the question in Technical Round

Just having the knowledge is not enough you should know how to present it. I am writing different methods to answer the questions asked in the technical job interview round. Even if you have less knowledge and follow what I say here, will help to clear the interview. This will increase your success rate tremendously.

·         Draw a graph/diagram/design/Formulae/rough sketch.

  1. Whenever asked some questions if possible(if the question is like that and the interviewer doesn't mind) ask for a paper showing your skills through graphs/diagrams/design/Formulas….etc. Believe me, this will give an extra edge for your technical skills.

  1.  They will observe the signs and symbols you used for the answer in the graph/diagram/design/Formulae so be alert about that.

  1.  So you can always ask in the interview can I take help of this particular graph/diagram/design/Formulae to answer your question and the job is yours.

  1. For this try to carry a pencil and papers in the room.

How to Answer  Question in Technical Round

        Confidence Level

  1.      The above-mentioned point will surely exhibit a lot of confidence

    •     Try to speak confidently
    •     Proper tone(little high).
    •     Having eye contact with all of them on the panel.

  2.      Sit Straight

  1.       Have a smiling face all along the interview (toughest part)

    •        What if you don’t know the answer

    •        Don’t bluff the answer if you don’t know. It will have a very bad impression in case you are caught in that and also it shatters your confidence level to dust. This won't allow you to perform nicely in the remaining part of the interview

    •        But you can always take some time before answering don’t give up immediately.

    •        Whatever you know of some part of the question, answer that and tell honestly that as of now I am not able to recollect the answer.

    •        Remember they don’t expect to answer all the question so never feel demotivated in between the interview.

    •        Drink some water(carry it with you if allowed inside with bag )  and take deep breathes this will boost your memory.

    •     Tip-Better if lukewarm water if your throat gets choked up due to nervousness.

·         Practical demonstration/Example around you in the room.

  1.  This requires a lot of presence of mind to see something around you and practically the answer to the question. This will impress the interviewers like anything.
  2.  But do ask permission for this before doing.
  3.  If they say you can explain it verbally.
  4.  This will show your presence of mind, the practicality of knowledge, confidence level etc.


              Latest news /discovery/invention/paper published

1.       If you have come across any latest article regarding the question please try to share in the answer even if not asked.
2.       You should know how to show your knowledge.
3.       For this, you have to be little-updated about the news.

How to Answer  Question in Technical Round

·           Next question will be raised from your current answer.

1.       Be mindful enough to answer the question in such a way that he will be asking a question from your answer
2.       Try to take the question's answer to that direction where you are expert.
3.       Don’t use terms /concept that you also don’t know anything about it.

Tip-During the technical job interview round if you get an opportunity to show your knowledge please go for it even if the question doesn’t demand it completely but please don’t deviate totally from the question.

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