9-Tips to Crack Any Job Interview

9-Tips to Crack Any JOb Interview

9-Tips to Crack any Job Interview

Smart work is always better than hard work. Here I have shared some tips which will give a headstart in your interview compared to other candidates. I have learned them from different seniors. I have tried and tested all of them. It was really helpful and I am sure it will help you also.

  1. Check out the Previous experiences on the google

Whenever you come that an XYZ company is going to come to your campus just read some previous year experience of the senior candidates which are available on the internet. Some of them are:-

  1. Glassdoor.com
  2. Quora
  3. Facebook
  4. Youtube

You have to do little hard work for this but this will save a lot of energy for you. This gives a certain idea what is the level of expectation of the company. 

The most unpredictable part is the written aptitude technical question to try to get them this where max screening happens. I will also try to share some personal experiences and some of my friends on this blog.

2. Company going to other colleges for placement drive

For this, you need a good network in your university or in your state if possible in the country. At times the company visits multiple campuses to get the cream layer of a student. If you can get some company like this you can always call up your friends. Like in Pune certain companies are common for some good colleges ie MIT, AISSMS, PICT, VIT, SIT...etc.

Have a good network amongst your friends in different colleges keep on checking with regularly which company is coming. At belive me they don't change anything in the pattern starting from the aptitude exam to PI.

3.Good relation with seniors.

Try to develop the network with final year students always and meet them after every company placement drive they attend. 

9-Tips to Crack any Job Interview

Try to do this as early as possible you join the college. Start preparing accordingly for the company you want to join. Generally, company come to the same college for
the placement

4. Be a placement coordinator or Be a friend of one

This really going to help you to either be a placement coordinator or to be a friend of one. They are guys with some extra benefits for whatever reason it may be but if you want to enjoy those benefits you have pay little price.  

Price in terms of helping the placement cell staff in management and groundwork. But the prize you can compare to the price you pay is really worth it.

5.Main Branch Vs Secondary Branch.

If you are from an Institute with multiple colleges having centralized placement cell then get ready for the partiality. 

The placement cell will be impartially partial towards the Main branch so while taking admission considers if allowed after the first year to change the college in the Main branch. As it also happened in my college in Sinhagad Institutes.

6. Don't mess with I am TPO.

Identify the TPO of your college and department and be in his good books. Never try to mess with him if you don't want college placement to get disturbed.

TPO- Training & Placement Officier( Professor who is head of the placement dept)


This will give an extra advantage during your resume shortlists and PI so doesn't miss this. You can start this from the very first year of your college. 

9-Tips to Crack any Job Interview

Try to take as much as industrial exposure as possible. Do it properly and make a report every time you do it. Also, prepare short notes on it because in PI you can expect a lot of questions about this.

8.Final Year Project

This is going to have a great impact on your placement drive. What type of project you choose says a lot about you. The interview panel is going to judge you on this. You can expect the following questions

  1.  Why did you choose this project only?
  2.  What was your contribution?
  3.  What did u learn?

they can just go on with such a question.

Never choose a project of a subject you are weak in. They will be testing your depth of knowledge as well. Best is to choose the topic according to your desired job profile.

9.Paper Presentation

This is almost the same as my  7 & 8 points of the blog but doesn't go too much into it this may give them an indication that you are planning for higher studies. Just 1 -2 papers in a year.

Don't take this points very lightly they are going to give you an upper hand during placement drive.

Stay Tuned for more insights:)
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