How to crack Any Technical Interview & Aptitude Test

How to crack technical Interview & Technical Aptitude

How to crack technical Interview & Technical Aptitude

I faced almost interviews of 6 mechanical core company(GE, KSPG Pumps, Bosch Chakan &Bosch Nashik, Armacell, Yazaki Automotive) and I could make through  5 of them. Only the very first company I was rejected which was GE, later on, I got the trick how to crack into in it. Let us begin ….how to prepare…it goes something like this

1.How to study in Engineering subjects to crack Technical Round.

We will take the worst case scenario of tech interview where the panel is asking the question of where he feels like of course from engineering syllabus. They will generally focus on the basics and practical applications of any subject. 

The bad news is most of us study engineering only one night before the exam. We do get good marks but the knowledge does n’t stick to the memory. 

How to crack technical Interview & Technical Apti

The worst case in my interview with GE the interview asked me the name of the subjects of the semester & the one night warrior couldn’t answer them all. The interviewer was really laughing I told him I don’t go to college much. But still, I managed to have an aggregate of 70+ percentage.

How to prepare.

1.       Take the core subjects one by one like for mechanical(SOM, ..TOM, TD, HT etc)
2.       Make short  notes of basics especially the standard laws, theorems, formulae, graphs or experiment
3.       This will not take much time if you have studied them properly during your degree.
4.       If you are FE, SE or TE student make the short notes now only which can be helpful during the tech interview.
5.       Remember quant aptitude is not that difficult but major screening happens in technical aptitude. So be prepared.
6.       Keep on revising it on the regular basis because the syllabus is vast. (see my other blog on how to revise.

 2. Which is your favorite subject??

·         This is another way to check your technical skill. They will ask the above-mentioned question. You should become pro in this subjects. And for this try to have little bit extra knowledge at industry level which is something out of syllabus which will really impress the interviewers that you are good technically.

            To be on a more safer side is to have two favorite subjects prepared for this because at times they may ask your second favorite subjects because they may you have prepared for the first favorited subject.

It happened to me in Bosch Chakan Interview but since I followed the point one rigorously I could answer all the questions from my second fav subject.

·         There is another way I use to prepare for this question is I use to tell highly unpopular subjects of a mechanical department so the chances are very high the interview will be able to ask many questions in depth. 

      So I use to tell Material Science or Metallurgy is my fav. Many of the engineers
Find this subject boring being theoretical. 

My fav subject was IC Engine but if the guy who is taking your interview is from the automotive company will ask the question of great difficulty level. But when you tell him metallurgy he will only remember the Iron –Carbide diagram or some other basic question. I cracked two interviews by this method rather than actually telling them what is fav subject.

·         One time I told a subject which didn’t exist in the syllabus. The situation was very tough all the students who were coming out after the interview their response was like the interviewer is very expert no matter which subjects to tell as fav he is asking the very difficult question.

Then my turn came-

I-Interview    M-Me

I-Which is your fav subject?

M-Cryogenic Engineering

I-Please tell some other subject I don’t remember anything about such a subject


I-Draw Iron carbide diagram

M-Drawn perfectly

He asked some more question on the diagram.

I-Please submit your resume


Apply this method only if the interview is not very young because the old fellow doesn’t remember the syllabus.

Stay tuned I will post some more ways on the blog for cracking Interview.

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