Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

I have written many other blogs regarding how to crack gd and in this is one I am sharing some more practical tips which can be helpful and also some mistakes that can be a big blunder for your selection.

1. How to disagree with someone:-

During the gd, you will find some candidates who are having a different opinion altogether from yours. Generally what we convert the gd into debate competitions where we focus too much on proving our argument. That can be tried to some extent by logical explaining but too much on stressing your own points you may end up showing yourself as narrow-minded or dominant.

Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

Learn how to accommodate others view in the GD. Try to be as much as polite while disagreeing with someone's opinion. Generally, our inner emotion comes out during such a situation in terms of angry looks, raised tones, abusive language etc.

Some phrases that can be used while disagreeing can be:-
  1. That's the way you feel but I think I have a different understanding about this...
  2. This is the way you are looking at it which I appreciate but at the same time, I have my own opinion...

Avoid Using strong phrases
  1. I strongly disagree with you....
  2. This is a useless point....

The aim is to maintain your composure while disagreeing and not let your inner self-overpower you to become angry so that you mess with everything.

2. Listen to everyone:-

This is a very essential skill as God has given us two ears and one mouth. Be attentive when others are speaking. Especially if some not so good candidate is speaking. Try to understand at the end of the GD you may be asked to either summarize or conclude the GD and if you have missed any points then you will be trapped at the end.

Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

Also when you add the point it should be somewhat related to what's going on in the discussion.
Even you are not listening properly you may tell a point which is already been discussed or you may add a point which is totally irrelevant to the discussion.

3.When to start the GD:-

Case 1:-When you have a strong hold on the topic

This is the key the stronghold on the topic which means by inlarge in terms of the knowledge. Unless you have a proper understanding of the topic don't prove yourself to be a fool by speaking anything.
Better would be to wait and get the idea from others discussion then enter the gd.

Case 2:-Nobody is taking the initiative

In case the topic is very difficult and nobody is ready to start then in that case you can go for it.
But if you don't have much knowledge at least you can show your skill of taking initiative.
Please try to play safely in this speak only how much you know and allow others to speak.

4. Qualities to exhibit while speaking:-

  1. Proper body language
  2. Calm
  3. Cool
  4. Collective
  5. Formal
  6. Logical
  7. Leader
  8. Good Listener
  9. Confidence
  10. Comfortable
  11. Sophisticated
  12. Smiling face

5. Summary Vs Conclusion

At the end of the GD, you may be asked to either summarize or conclude.


Here you have to tell all the points which were added by different candidates. It will be nice if you can explain in a proper flow in which the gd took place.


In this, you have to tell what was the end conclusion don't try to summarize.

Generally, you may end by only telling your points only, no that will be the biggest blunder. You have to speak on behalf of the group. Also, don't try to add something new from your side which was not discussed in the GD.

6. How to enter into GD

However, I have written an elaborate blog on this but here I have some more practical tips:-

  1. .By asking a question to someone
  2. Asking a person to elaborate certain point which he spoked
  3. Try supporting some fellow in his argument
  4. By adding a new dimension

7. Don't attack your friends

Sometimes we are so much excited or hyperactive we disagree with those who are actually supporting us. Please understand the need to make friends in the GD so that they will support you and allow you to speak. If not then you will end up doing what my friend is doing in below picture.

Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

Be alert who is in favor with you. With such candidates, you should proactively cooperate by helping and taking help.

8. Give a helping hand - Superhero Mode

In between the GD, you find that some poor fellows who want to speak but others are so wild that they are just not allowing him/her to speak. Then you may come forward and tell others please listen he wants to speak something.

Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

If you can find an opportunity to do so you are the winner of the game. Also, this should be done when you, yourself have given some valuable input to the GD. If not you are that poor fellow. First Speak for yourself then only help others.

9. If you look at them -You are out

Yes, read it right if you any time are found to look at the assessment panel then better to pack your bags. Especially just after you have added some points in the GD. That's the deadliest time to look at them the interviewing guys. It's just that it gives them a feeling that you are more focused on getting selected and not actually being involved in GD. That means they will interpret it as you are trying to fake your personality.

Ten Practical Tips To Crack Group Discussion

This is how they think you can't do anything for that but you can change yourself. So don't look :(

10. Action Speak louder than words

Do Ph.D. on the body language this will help in the long run which especially in an interview. There are multiple websites available which with photos explain the body language stuff. Here I will mention some:-

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