How to crack Group Discussion_ Part -2_How to give new dimension to the discussion

How to crack Group Discussion_ Part -2_How to give new dimension to the discussion

Every recruiter is looking for a candidate who can think out of the box. The one who is different from everyone. How to naturally become an out of box thinker? How to have a different perspective of things around you? Here I will share some practical ways to do so.

How to Give a New Dimension to the Discussion

Communications Skills not enough

GD is  usually a nightmare for many students who are appearing for college placements. Just having good communication skills generally are not enough to clear it. You need to be prepared with something extra to get the upper hand.

Add Quality to How You Speak & More Importantly to What You Speak:-

Generally, our notion is more on how to speak and to speak as much as possible to get selected. It will be nice if you can focus more on the content of speaking as well.
I have cracked many GDs just by speaking for 30-50sec but what I spoke highly relevant, out of the box and appealing. So don't just try to speak rather listen properly then think deeply and add profound input to the discussion.

It will better if you can take some time and come up with something which the normal audience is discussing. This is one of strategy which I use to follow in GDs which is to enter the GD after some time but enter like a lion with a fantastic point. 

In case if you feel you won't be able to get some out of the box ideas then better in between you keep on adding some general points or at least be a part of the GD.
To summarize what you should focus on content:-

  1. Be precise and don't take too much time.
  2. Be clear what you want to speak.
  3. Don't just repeat others point.
  4. Try to speak something out of the box.
  5. Be more logical,pratical,relevant and most importantly original.

Adding a new dimension:-

Practicing it daily:-

 While speaking you can show to interviewing panel that how you are different from the general crowd. So you have to really think about how you can come up with something new. 

To be frank that doesn't come so naturally unless you are habituated. So what I mean by this statement I have elaborated in my other post How to practice GD day to day life.

Read:Listen: Watch and Get Knowledge

Now to add a new dimension, first of all, you need to have a different dimension in your life itself. So you must be following a certain personality, principles, book, religion, philosophy etc on the basis of which you take the decision of life. If not then start the following something at least for knowledge purpose. 

Then you have something different form everyone else and based on that knowledge you put your arguments. Like in my case I use to read Bhagavad Gita and use to put my views with my knowledge of Bhagavad Gita. Believe me, it use to give totally new direction to the discussion. Not just for the GD also for the Personal Interview my answers use to be on the basis of Gita. Please read my other blog How Bhagavad  Gita changed My Life. This will give an idea of what I mean by having a different dimension of knowledge in your life and on that basis you add a different dimension to the GD.

 Generally, each one of us has someone we are following in our life in the form of personality, principles, book, religion, philosophy. In my case, I used the Vedic wisdom of India which is something undefeatable when put forward during arguments. I used to read it from the website of spiritual scientist by Chaitanya Charan Das. 

He gives the solution to various modern problems through Ancient Vedic Wisdom. For example here is his article on delhi-gang-rape-and-the-modern-shurapanakha

 He gives some of best insights on this I have ever read. So if you want to follow my style which is to give solutions on the basis of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita you can always go through his website . He has written a book Timeless-Wisdom-Current-Issues-Chaitanya-ebook   which focusses on the current issues of society. 

In short, acquire knowledge by reading books/articles/blogs or by listening to different speeches/seminar whatever. You are free to choose your way. Just to give a practical example-

My GD experience at one of the IT company

No of students in  GD-15
Time -20 minutes
Topic -Education system in India 

Now as expected everybody started cursing our education system-
1.Poor employment ratio.
2.No practical knowledge
3. Not focussing on innovation 

This was expected from my side, everybody started cursing India. To get the attention of the interviewer you have to speak something different from others.

Now I wanted to give a new dimension.

Me-My friends I would like to first explain the meaning of education. So the word education comes from a Latin origin Educarie . Which means to bring up/forth. So there are broadly two parts of education one is competence and other one character. So far you all have discussed that on how competence level we are lagging behind other countries but did you bother to give a thought about the character part of education. What kind of character is developed in our education system compared to other countries?
Compare the crime rate of India with America .....How many youths of America are in drugs, addiction, violence...This is something we should value what we have got in our education system...

And I went on elaborating the discussion in this direction.No doubt that I was selected because I could add a new dimension to the discussion. 

Thank You For Reading ....Have Fun...:)

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