3 Killer Techniques to Overcome Nervousness

3 Killer Techniques to Overcome Nervousness

Are you nervous everytime you go for an interview, gd, public speaking opportunity or anything else? Don't worry you are not alone in this world with that feeling. Each one of us gets nervous at the different time, some of you may be shy to say or express but it does come out either verbally, physically or emotionally. Here I am going to share some interesting way to overcome nervousness.

3 Simple Techniques to Overcome Nervousness


As per current understanding of science, we are designed to become nervous for either fight or flight response. Our brain is programmed in that way so that we can protect yourself. But even though many situations comes in our life which is normal but our mind nonetheless gives a fight or flight response and makes us nervous. Let me give some examples.
  1. Very important exam.
  2. First Speech
  3. First dance performance.
  4. First time playing for the team.
  5. Facing an interview.

I can just go on like this telling you the situation when the butterfly starts flying in your stomach. The butterflies flying in the stomach is very natural because the blood starts flowing from the stomach to other senses to make you more alert.

These were some very general examples but there can be specific examples as well, depending on the kind of personality you have. Here I am not going to go into the details what is the fight and flight mode because the explanation is more coming from the evolution theory. Here we will focus more on overcoming it.


Nervousness seems like an old retired family member who is there in the family who you think can be ignored but that never happens it keeps on irritating you again and again. He never lets the family have a nice time. Same goes with the being nervousness you think you can ignore it but you are wrong always. Also, it never allows you to give best out of yourself.

For many of us, the effects can be very gross like extreme sweating, voice choking, hands/legs trembling, heavy breathing cycle etc

For many of us, it can be subtle if not gross like loss of memory, reduced efficiency, lack of clarity of thoughts and not able to give best out of yourself.

I think we need to do something about this before we lose a big opportunity to prove yourself just because you became nervous. So let us begin with the main content as per the topic

1. ME  Vs  MY MIND

What happens during this feeling of nervousness is the mind comes up with different views/opinions/ judgments etc. Let me give some examples what mind may say:-
  1. You are not good enough.
  2. You are prepared enough
  3. What if you don't make it? You don't have any other option left
  4. What if you stammer?
  5. You are not good at communication skills dude to forget you won't make it

Mind comes with such anxiety of future it totally makes us filled with worries. The mind is programmed in his own way to come with these different kinds of stuff.

The first thing we need to understand here is that it is your mind's voice. It's not you getting nervous but the mind. Please try to understand the difference between your opinion and your minds opinion. Identifying the mind is very important because that's our greatest enemy. As Krishna says to Arjuna in  Bhagavad Gita that your greatest enemy is mind try to conquer. This is something worthy to be noted that Krishna on a battlefield is not pointing out to any warrior as greatest enemy to Arjuna but rather the mind.
3 Simple Techniques to Overcome Nervousness

It's not very difficult to understand how your mind is different from you.

Let us take an example just before the day of the exam when you want to study, your mind says from inside that one last movie, one last song, one last chat with the friend, last nap after that I will study but we do overcome that suggestion/temptation/desire from inside and take a conscious decision to study. Here is an example from your day to live where you actually make a decision against mind.

The problem here is generally when some other person tells us to do something we do a critical analysis before doing it. Like if a person tells us to watch a particular movie so we will see the ratings of the movie or do little bit more research about the movie before considering to spent some money on a particular movie.

But here the mind speaks inside us and mistake it to be our voice or our desire/feeling. As we may critically evaluate a person for his suggestion the same way you have to do with the mind.

What I mean by critical evaluation is when the feeling of nervousness comes then try to understand that it's your mind getting nervous not you. The biggest mistake you can do is focusing on thoughts of mind by dwelling on it.

By doing so you give more emotional energy to the thought.
In the end, you will end up identifying with the mind. Now you will be thinking I am nervous now.
The game is over mind, convinced you about something that he wanted.

The very first step is to recognize the voice of your mind and understanding its the mind who is getting nervous I am not.

I am well prepared for this it's no way I am getting nervous. At times our mind may be confident also at that time we can take benefit of that and also again be alert in case it is getting over-confident.

The more you practice this art the more you can relieve yourself from the clutches of mind.

The moment you understand intellectually that you are not getting nervous rather its the mind then you can avoid getting affected physically and emotionally.


Sometime the above-mentioned technique will not work fully for those who are very much conditioned to listen to their mind. For those who are very poor in controlling the mind, the above technique doesn't work that much.

It might be the case that not the mind but you also feeling nervous. So here I come with a better one

Nervousness means its a feeling I won't be able to make it the most popular reasons we give it to yourself or our mind gives to us is that you are not good enough. How to overcome this feeling that

I won't be able to make it or I am not ready or I can't do this or I have not done this before blah blah blah.....

Again Krishna in Gita reminds Arjuna by reminding him of his different abilities. Like a place in Gita, he refers Arjuna as Savyasachi means one who is expert in shooting an arrow. Another place he calls Arjuna by the name Gudakesha means the one who has conquered the sleep.

Please note here throughout the conversation of Gita Krishna is trying to inspire the Arjuna by calling him by his different names which describe his different qualities. Same method we have to apply here.

What you need to do is remember your past when you have done something really extraordinary and you got some real appreciation for that. Certain things we all are good at remembering those things will surely give you confidence. Like I was very good basketball player so I use to remember the matched where I have preformed very nicely.

So this use to give me confidence. I would at times be very gross and would do some basketball dribbling moves (my video) just before the interview when I was getting too much nervous.

 The same thing what you need to do my friend just remember what all you were good at in your past, it may be any sports, art, public speaking, any brave act etc you just have to make yourself that you worth it.

You have to tell your mind that listen, dude, I can do this, I have done this, see how much appreciation I got at that point in my life and you listen to me now my mind keep mouth shut just wait and watch what I am going to do now.

3 Simple Techniques to Overcome Nervousness

This will surely boost your confidence and take you another level. How it works certain memories also involves emotions so when you remember about those moments of glory it will also bring the confidence within you for sure.

So to summarize remember the times when you acted gloriously in the past and act confidently now also by telling your mind that you are worth it.


A reason to become nervous maybe we are not that good in a particular skill that is expected. So when you know you are not good at something and the story doesn't end there also it makes you highly nervous by not being good at it then it becomes a bigger problem. 

Now what can be done is to identify where are you falling short and try to learn.

Believe me, there is no substitute for practice. The more you practice the better you get and you build up your confidence also.

There was a time I was a part of a club in the college and I was told to do a certain presentation as a part of it. The presentation used to be based on topics like reconciling science and spirituality. Initially, I use to really get nervous seeing the audience and I use to prepare for hours together for it.

But now when  I have presented it multiple times now I don't even go through the PPT before the 1-hour presentation of mine. Still, I manage to do a wonderful presentation.

3 Simple Techniques to Overcome Nervousness

How it happened is by practice done leads to building up of confidence. So identify what you are lacking and practice it like hell. So in case you are preparing for an interview and you lack communication skill then practice it ....practice till the time you become perfect.

I would like to end  by a quote of Michael Jordan which is my favorite one.

3 Simple Techniques to Overcome Nervousness

I've missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. Twenty six times I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.


1. Recognize the voice of your mind and avoid identifying with it to not become nervous.

2. Recollect the past glorious/victorious memories and let that memory bring a positive emotional change of confidence within, to act confidently 

.3.Identify where you are falling short and practice till perfection.

Have fun...Be confident .....Don't be nervous...Please let me know in comment section if you also have your own unique ways to overcome nervousness.

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