4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

Many of us throughout our life end up focusing on every other aspect of life but not on improving communication skills. This generally happens with those students who belong to a middle-class family and the school they went hardly had anyone speaking English except the English teacher. Almost no opportunity to speak and excel in communications skills. When you come to college the opportunity is further reduced to learn how to speak English. It's a very unrealistic expectation from oneself to speak fluently in English & not just speak but to crack the GD & PI. Here I am explaining 4 simple ways to speak fluently in English.

  1. READ.

Read...Read...Read & Read...Increase your quota of reading. Whatever level of English you have , choose a book/newspaper/ other reading sources to read. All of us have a friend who likes to read a lot and get an idea of what type of book you should read.

4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

What I will suggest you can find a book which involves interactions or I can say where some dialogues are involved. You need to download a dictionary where you can save the difficult words and keep on visiting later to revise them. The best way to improve the vocabulary is to start using those words into your daily dealing if not at least revise them frequently.


Now when you know what to speak the second part of the plan is to know how to speak. For this what you need to do is increase the input of English as a language to your system through English news channel or listening debates of English news channel or discovery channel or ted talks or anything like that where you can listen to someone speaking in English.

4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

 Here our main aim is to grab the pronunciation of the words.


The biggest mistake we do while trying to speak English is we end up thinking in our mind in our native language and convert it into English as it is. Below are some examples: -

Aam aadmi- Mango Man
Naak Behna- Nose Flowing

or another way round

Bro lets hang out- Bhai chal latakte hai
Baby, You rock my world-Bache tumne meri duniya ko pathar bana diya

Anyways these are very extreme examples but we do some level of mistakes.
So what you need to do is while doing contemplation only you should do it in English. So you can avoid the mistake that I have mentioned above.

The next level can be whatever you think should be in the English language now. Whenever you talk with yourself in mind should be in English. This takes time to become a habit cause for a long time we are conditioned to use a particular language that is our native language in most of the cases.

This becomes a little bit difficult but one needs to take the conscious effort for this. So to summarize this point in one line "Always think in English in the first place  &  speak in the English language with yourself in your mind".


Now you know what to speak and how to speak then the only thing that is remaining is to speak.
Since you have already practiced it at your mind level by habituating yourself by contemplating in English this makes it a little bit easier.

There is no substitute for practice in any field. Neither in this field of learning to speak any language. Many of us just don't learn to speak thinking that what the other person is going to think of me. With this attitude, they just make the process of learning ultra slow.

4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

We do have to take a leap of faith and start trying overcoming the fear that someone will be mocking at you for your inability to speak. Same leap faith you take while learning the bicycle you start pedaling overcoming the fear that you may fall down.Same leap of faith you take while learning swimming you let yourself float in water overcoming the fear that you may drown.

4 Simple Ways to Learn Fluent English

Unless you let go of your fear you can't learn anything in your life.

                              "Your desire to win should be more than the fear of failure"

If you don't have this kind of attitude you can't make it. More you have this kind of attitude faster is your growth.

Here I am going to suggest you ways to practice to speak if you still afraid people will laugh at you.

1.Friend/Teacher/Relative (who is really good at English)

Anyone of the personality that I have mentioned above can work for this method. What you need to do is just tell them that today onwards both of us will be speaking in English as I want to improve my English. Please correct whenever I go wrong while speaking in English.Its always good to have a personal mentor to correct you when you go wrong. You need to have someone in this category with whom you spend a considerable amount of time in a day, not someone you meet once in a year.

2.Presentations/Public Speaking

Try to get involved in the activities which give you an opportunity for public speaking. You can do this by joining any clubs in the college or any NGOs.You can participate in competitions like debates, speech, drama etc. Try to teach some junior any subject.

3.Customer Care

Considering you are really a super extrovert fellow or you don't have an opportunity for point 1 & 2 around you so this one is for you. What you need to do is give a call any customer care person and go for English speaking option. Just start enquiring from him regarding any scheme or product of the company. The customer can be of any company from mobile/laptop/bank/online shopping website. You can catch any fellow on phone from customer care just start talking. One advantage of this way is that these fellow are really good in English speaking. Their job is all about this how they speak.
You will have a quality learning with them.

There is not much in 1 & 2 the real battle starts in 3 & 4 so focus more on them as your main aim is to learn to speak.

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