How to Initiate a Group Discussion

How to Initiate a Group Discussion

This is the most difficult part for most of us. Sometimes you don't know when to speak? Many time nobody allows you to speak? The times keep on running? No way out & another GD again you will be out.  Henceforth that won't be the case if you go through this blog completely. Here I have shared the very practical ways to start the GD initially or in between. This I learned after giving more than 10-15 GDs in my campus placements.

How to Initiate a  Group Discussion

This is another big question in everyone's mind when is the right to enter the GD? Many times the situation is like everyone is shouting due to a shortage of time give for GD and you don't what to do now?

How to Initiate a Group Discussion

Whenever you try to speak someone else dominates you? So this blog will be mostly dealing with when and how to enter into GD. Also, I will be considering different types of GD and how you should approach in that particular situation.

1.No one is starting/initiating the GD:-

This generally happens due to the following reasons:-

1. Everyone is fresher and all are nervous
2. The topic is very difficult
3. Nobody understood what exactly the topic is(very rare but happens)

Case1:-Everyone is fresher and all are nervous

This happens as I mentioned when everyone is fresher and have no prior experience of GDs.So they will play safe. But remember you are not going to get the red carpet welcome to speak. Just initially you will find for some moments no one is speaking and that point you have to start.

Take a lead at this point as I mentioned earlier the window for you to speak is very small so please be alert for this opportunity because once the GD is started then it's more difficult to speak. This opportunity will come when the topic is announced and the interviewing panel tells all of you to start. That is the point you should be eagerly waiting for and enter the GD.

Case2:-Topic is very difficult

This will create the same situation as the above-mentioned case. What can be done is either you speak whatever you know or ask someone in the group to please give a background of the topic(this should be only done if you feel the majority of the candidate don't have the clue).

In case you are the only one who is finding the topic difficult the better option can be let others speak and get an idea from their discussion.

Case3:-Nobody understood what exactly the topic is

The best solution for the above mention problem is to ask clarification from the interviewing panel rather than speaking which you do not suppose to. Don't  hesitate for this go ahead and ask "can you please explain ........."

2. Time is very short: Everybody wants to speak.

How to Initiate a Group Discussion

Again is such cases you won't get a red carpet welcome to speak but rather always a red signal to stop whenever you try to speak. Everybody is shouting like an animal. There are two ways out for this

  • What happens is there will be situations when everyone will try to speak, that too all of them together. So when they realize that this won't work some of them or at times all them will stop speaking. Everyone will go low in pitch. You have to wait for this point. When everyone's tone is low suddenly after the chaos. At this point, you increase your tone. You have to be alert for such situations/opportunity. 

  • This is the ultimate killer technique to speak up in any situation of GD:-

           When a candidate is speaking he has prepared something in his mind what he actually wants to speak. So interrupting in between won't work he won't allow you to speak unless he completes what he wants to speak. And others are waiting when he will end and I will speak.

So as soon as he ends there are already candidates waiting to speak. Now what you have to do is you have to start speaking just before the person ends and allows other to speak. You have to start by interrupting him at the end of his speech. Don't wait for the point when he ends and then you will start.No, everyone is thinking the same way.

 Now the question is why he will allow you to interrupt him and let you speak.

What happens as I said earlier that he has something prepared in his mind which he will surely complete but he will also try to speak more and try to add something to it. Because everyone thinks more you speak more is the chance to get selected. That's not the case most of the time. You will get the feeling he has done with what he had in his mind now he just taking more time. How can you understand 
  • he/she won't be precise
  • he/she won't be fluent and confident
  • he/she will be just repeating what he just said

How to Initiate a Group Discussion

Now, this is the green signal for you my friend take the opportunity and interrupt him. Again I will repeat this don't wait for the time when he will stop because others are also waiting for that. You have to be very alert to understand when such opportunity comes in GD. If you just master this technique no can stop you from speaking in the GD. This technique I understood after giving so many GDs.

The request is to really try to understand this part it will really help. If you are facing any other problems while giving you can always write to me from my email @ contact us. I will try to write a blog if not at least I will try to reply the mail whatever possible.

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