My Interview Experience-HAIER

My Interview Experience-Mechanical Engineer-HAIER

My Interview Experience-HAIER

Date of Interview: 23 April 2018

Company Name: Haier Appliances

No. Of Participants: 70 (shortlisted above 70%) for Apti

Place: SCOE, Vadgaon

Rounds : 3 (Technical test, GD, Technical+HR combined Interview)

GD Topic: Make in India Vs Make for India

Haier Appliances India Pvt LTD came in our campus to hire GETs with a package of 2.5 LPA. Criteria for the interview was above 60% and 10 dead backlogs were allowed.
They shortlisted only 70 students having aggregate more than 70% for campus drive...
There were three rounds in drive

1st Round: Technical Aptitude

There were 20 objective questions and time was 20 min. It contained questions mainly from Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and some questions based on quantitative apti. And current affairs.

For me, the test was very easy and I easily completed it in time and as per my expectations, I got shortlisted Alon with other 59 students for GD.

2nd Round: Group Discussion

They shortlisted 60 students from the aptitude for GD. They made 6 Groups of 10 students each. During GD they gave us the topic " Make in India Vs Make For India" and gave one minute to prepare. They gave 10 min for GD .

Then the GD started, one participant started GD with the announcement that for speaking one should raise the hand and then speak, which no one followed except him. The one who started GD spoke that our dear PM has launched Make in India campaign for self-sustainable India and he spoke about the importance of manufacturing Automobile and other things in India. 

He was very much aggressive and was going on speaking even when some other tried to make their points. With my loud voice, I entered the GD with my points, my points were that India being the 2nd country with Max population, have abundant manpower most of which are youth need opportunity to showcase their talent and they need jobs, show make in India will give them that opportunity. 

Also, I spoke that different minerals are abundantly available in India so if we make in India instead of making for India, it will also utilize these natural resources. The third point I spoke is that by making in India, we can be self-sufficient in our technology needs and also we will able to export which will make our currency stronger ultimately making our economy stronger and larger.

Almost everyone spoke on topic Make in India except one who spoke on make for India. She spoke that if we make in India, then there will be little if burdon on natural resources and environment. Also, it will increase pollution, so make for India is a better option. Also, there was one girl who tried to speak but couldn't, I told everyone lets hear what she want to say..and then she spoke. I was selected for the Final Interview.

3rd Round: Technical+HR interview.

They selected 30 people for Final Interview.
There was a panel of 3 people for taking the interview. One was Chinese factory Head,  one was from AC R&D and one lady was from HR (I got to know it later).

Interviews started and I was the first candidate. I entered the room by knocking and asking permission to enter. As I entered the room, greeted everyone and then R&D personnel told me to sit down and started by asking my name. After the next question was " Tell me something about yourself?" which I answered in the following sequence (without repeating name again)

1. Native Place
2. Highest Qualification
3. Technical skills
4. Hobbies
Then he stared with Technical questions as follows
1. Draw & Explain VCRS.
2. What is interference in Manufacturing Process and it's types.
3. Tell me about your BE project.
4. What is COP
5. What is 1 TR.
6. 1 TR = ? BTU
7. 1 TR = ? KW
8. What is fits and it's types in MP
9. Tell me about your 3rd year Technical Seminar Presentation.
10. Tell me about steps to implement 6 Sigma ( it was in my resume).

I could answer all questions except related to Manufacturing process where I directly told them I don't know the answers.

Finally HR personnel asked me about my greatest achievement in life which I told that inspite of coming from Marathi medium school, I got 90% in 12th Science and I could maintain 73% aggregate in Engineering without any backlog and also I am connected to NGO where we do Personality Development programs for college youth, so that's my greatest achievement.

Then I thanked them and left the room. 

I was selected among 18 students who got placed in Haier.

About Me:-

My Interview Experience-HAIER
Name: Sachin Bhaskar Bhutekar
Qualification: BE Mechanical
College: Sinhagad Academy of Engineering Kondhawa
Current Company: Haier Appliances India Pvt LTD

Position: GET

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