6 Ways for Freshers To Get a Job

6 Ways for Freshers to get a Job

This topic takes an important role considering today's employment ratio in the world for the freshers . Especially for those who are not from the IT dept. Core dept companies on the campus come with very few vacancies. Here I would like to throw some light on other ways of getting an off-campus job.

1.Off-campus drives

As per my observation, there are 4-5 drives/job fair yearly in many cities starting from Banglore, Delhi, Pune etc which is off-campus. But you should be active on the internet. One of the companies in which I was placed in was Yazaki Automotive Pvt Ltd that I got through an off-campus drive. Regularly you should google the off-campus drives/job fair and try to attend.

These off-campus drives are mostly conducted by new colleges for their promotion
But keep in mind it's very difficult to crack into this because you will have to compete with your seniors also who are unemployed in the market. In my interview, there were seniors with work ex of 3 years.

I face one written aptitude and 3 Personal Interview that too two of them were the panel interview with 4-5 panel members. They grilled me thoroughly on my technical knowledge. Panel interview lasted for more than 40 minutes.

One cant expects much salary in the off-campus drives what I was offered by the above-mentioned company was 3LPA that too I did a lot of negotiation. One last advice you should start attending this drives from the very beginning of your final year if possible in the 3rd year also at least it will give you some exposure for the interview preparation.


6 Ways for Freshers to get a Job


Try to connect to the seniors who got placed in the different companies from your college. If some vacancy comes in their company on the entry level they can always refer you. See the below mail I recieved from my junior

Good morning sir.
I am -----------------, BE-Mechanical 2018, pass out.
I would request you to kindly refer me to your HR for application for a job at your organization.

I would be delighted to discuss any possible vacancy in your organization at your convenience. In case you do not have any suitable openings at the moment, I would be grateful if you would keep my resume on file for any future possibilities.

Enclosed is my resume that more fully details my background and work experience, and how they relate to your position.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

Try building this connection with your seniors from the very first year of your college that will help you to get off campus job. Be in touch with your immediate seniors as well take regular guidance. 


Yeah, you just read it right …..Professors.All the teaching staff has seen various batches passing out from your department and they are generally in good touch with bright students. They can also guide in your career path by connecting you with certain seniors of your college.

 Thus maintaining good relationship becomes vital not just for viva marks but they can also guide in this regards because they h they may have students at a good position in various companies which can help you.

#.Senior Working Professionals

Get connected to some senior working professional and request him to refer you. Now how to get contacts-
  1. Declare a high alert amongst your all relatives and friends that you are looking for someone who can refer you.
  2. Try online social websites
  3. Attend industrial seminar, presentation, talks etc and meet people over there.
  4. If you are doing a project in some company or internships try to develop some contacts from there.
  5. My very first point of topic networking-Aluminis

For small to medium level company they don’t always go for placements drives in the college they fill the vacant position generally by reference. Stronger your network more is the probability for you to get a job.

3. Approaching Small-Mid Level company.

As I have mentioned above that these companies don’t always go for drives you can always approach them on their websites and drop your resume.

Here making a proper resume is very important. In case you are dropping them a mail please try to write it as professionally as possible.

4.Approaching  Big Companies

Getting into big MNCs is an arduous task but the following ways can be adopted.
  1. Follow their career page on LinkedIn/ facebook there you can get the updates.
  2. Some may conduct yearly off campus drives which are circulated on a certain website like enggwaves.com etc
  3. Try to apply for internships/final year projects and perform well in that.
  4. Some of them conduct yearly pool campus drives as well.


This will fetch a one year job and at the time more also if you are lucky. This is a program started by the government of India to enhance employability. 

6. Courses

There are certain courses available in the market that can directly fetch you a job. These courses are generally conducted at some private institute. Some of them are:-

  1. SAP
  2.  Digital Marketing, 
  3. HVAC
  4. MEP Design
  5. Big Data Hadoop

But before joining any institute do proper research work about the placement what they are providing. Many institutes just loot the money of the students on the name of placement assistance. That too they charge a big amount 

Best way to attend the institute classes for some days take proper feedback from the students who are studying regarding the teaching and also from the past out students about the placement assistance.

Stay Tuned For More Such Post :)

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