Death Of A Nation

Happy Independence Day to all Indians.

But is the war over?

Is it?

Technically there are two ways the death of a nation happens after a war. One is by physical destruction as the Europeans who settled in America destroyed the whole civilization there. Second.....Oops I forgot to welcome all of you to my blog. 

जय श्री राम ,मैं स्वतंत्रता दिवस के शुभ अवसर पर सभी पाठकों का स्वागत करना चाहता हूं।

(Translation - Jai Shree Ram, I would like to welcome all the readers on the auspicious occasion of Independence day.)

Coming back to the discussion - Second  is the citizens are made to lose faith in their own culture, philosophy, principles, language, thought current, etc ., and boom the nation is destroyed.

Now a task for you, keep your hand on your heart and tell whether you felt the same when you read the above welcome note in Hindi. When you see someone who speaks eloquent English you feel he/she is more educated? When you see someone speaking in Hindi you feel he/she is primitive? Do you feel inferior to western culture?

Death of A Nation

If I tell you this was a part of the big strategic plan of Britisher to conquer India.

Take the example of the Greek and Roman civilization. What a great civilization they were! then the time came when their own intellects and scholars lost faith in their own way of life and philosophy.

 Again one of the oldest living nations Greece didn't die physically. Today if you go and ask their citizens about their own history or what made their ancestors. They don't know they will simply reply it's in the books and museum.

British so cleverly played their cards that even after 75 years of Independence we still continue to be in a state of stupor, not just unable but also unwilling to come out of the hypnosis created over the whole nation.

Just a heads up for some of you , it may be a lot of facts and history but please bear it for today as it's important to know our own history. Let's break through the hypnosis.

Death of A Nation

Chapter 1: Max Muller A Paid Employee To Eradicate Vedic Culture

Max Müller was a British agent, especially employed (in 1847) to write the translations of the Vedas in such a demeaning way that the Hindus should lose faith in them. His personal letters reveal this fact.

Max Müller’s letters dated August 25, 1856, and December 16, 1868, reveal the fact that he was desperate to bring Christianity into India so that the religion of the Hindus should be doomed.

To the Dean of St. Paul’s (Dr. Milman), Stauton House Bournemouth, February 26, 1867, he wrote:

I have myself the strongest belief in the growth of Christianity in India. There is no country so ripe for Christianity as India, and yet the difficulties seem enormous.

(Source: The True History and the Religion of India: A Concise Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism – By Swami Prakashanand Saraswati  p. 268 – 270). For more on Max Muller refer to chapter FirstIndologists and Aryan Invasion Theory)

Death of A Nation

As Max Mueller, the propagator of the Aryan invasion theory wrote to his wife,

“It took only 200 years for us to Christianise the whole of Africa, but even after 400 years India eludes us, I have come to realize that it is Sanskrit that has enabled India to do so. And to break it I have decided to learn Sanskrit.”

Here comes the most important twist, when Britishers understood that India isn't conquerable because it's rooted in its culture so deeply. The next plan was to make Indians feel ashamed of their own culture, declaring their epics as myths , misinterpreting Hindu scriptures, and then demean. Last but not least destroy their education system which roots them in their culture.  

Chapter 2: History Or Myth

Britishers set aside the linguistic evidence to prove that the epics bear no historical evidence. 

These missionary scholars planned further to call these epics myths and create doubt and confusion even about the existence of Rama and Krishna. 

We all know that the treatment of myth in the western experience has been negative . In 18th Century Greek and Roman heritage of pre-Christian religious stories; badly distorted and misshaped, were treated as myths. 

This word was used for all non-Jews and non-Christian cultural stories. On the other hand, the missionary scholars chose to place biblical and Christian stories in the category of history so the stories of Moses and Parting the Red Sea came as history.

Death of A Nation

It is strange that these very assaulters considered Ramayana and Mahabharata as myths despite enough archaeological and textual evidence.

They used the term myth as a powerful weapon to minimize the effect of the Hindu way of life; religious literature and sacred stories and to delegitimize the stories told to the common folk of illiterate and ignorant people.

Chapter 3: Destruction of Education Systems

In the round table conference in 1931, Mahatma Gandhi said " The beautiful tree of the education system was cut down by you British. Therefore India is far more illiterate than it was 100 years ago."

India had 35 to 50 % of the land whose revenue was used for education, medicine, running temple festivals, etc.  In order to destroy our education system, Britishers brought that percentage down to 5% of the land.

Death of A Nation

In 1820, Britishers already made our education system financially weak. But still, after that Indians persisted on the education system. Then a survey was launched by them to understand the intricacies of our education system. They realized in the survey:-

1. Bengal had more than 1lakh schools in different villages.

2. Madras didn't have a single village without a school.

3. Bombay had a school for every village with a minimum population of 100.

4. Teachers and students of all castes were there not just Brahmins. Only 7 %to 48% of Brahmins accounted for teachers rest were from another caste.

5. All students had their education in their mother tongue.

We are told , in the past education was only for Brahmins or upper castes in India not for all. But its exaclty other way round.

Mr. Bell, a Christian Missionary in Madras was impressed by the Indian education system of mass education. He adopted that and introduced it back into England where only the nobles were given an education.

After this, they even stopped the 5% set aside for education. They brought multiple laws and regulations to run a school i.e there has to be a pucca building to run the school.

T.B Macaulay made English a medium of instruction in school. (Life of Lord Macaulay - Vol 1).

Death of A Nation

This move by Macaulay shook the very foundation of the Indian education system.

Letter To Zachary Macaulay, 12 October 1836 By Macaulay

Our English schools are flourishing wonderfully. We find it difficult, indeed at some places impossible, to provide instruction for all who want it. It is my firm belief that, if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respectable classes in Bengal thirty years.

Chapter 4: The Slow Poison

After years of cumbersome efforts, Britishers realized that they were not so much successful in their attempt to eradicate the Hindu culture. But the slow poison induced by Macaulay is still killing India. We are heading on the same path traveled by the Greek and Roman civilization ,one of the ancient civilizations (discussed at the beginning of the blog ). These nations didn't die physically. 

Death of A Nation

We still don't care about our culture, philosophy, principles, language, thought current, etc, and we are busy imitating the western model.  A nation gets weakened by people's ignorance towards their own roots or when they are ashamed of their own ancestors.

Now the question should come what I can do to save the nation against this poison . This speech of of J Sai Deepak-Advocate,Supreme Court/Del HC,IIT Kgp Alum can be a good start.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thank you so much for such a detailed analysis of the root cause of all the upheavals in the current Indian society. Your blogs are truly an Inspiration for anyone who is interested in knowing the glory of ancient Indian culture. Only when we all accept our vedic culture freely and deeply within our societies as it was originally meant to be ,can we save us and our future generations from the witnessing the death of most beautiful culture and civilisation in existence.

  2. Simply amazing !!!

    Thank you for bringing such important facts in front in such a lucid way.

    I am really impressed with your writing skills and the clarity of thoughts while putting them down on paper.

    I think this is very important msg for all the youth who are going to led India in future, from my end I have shared it to all the students in my contact and urged them to go through it.

    Thank you once again. Waiting for upcoming articles...

  3. Bro, It's Awesome, keep it up !

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