Parallels in Lord Krishna's Birth and Maths

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to all the Readers.

Parallels in Lord Krishna's Birth and Maths

I was trying to draw some parallels between Maths and the birth of  Krishna and Rama.

Don't worry it won't be advanced mathematics just you need to recollect tables and have fun.

Let's start with Lord Ram's birth. He took birth on Navami that's why it's Ram Navami (the ninth day in the lunar fortnight (Paksha) of the Hindu calendar ).

Here is the table of Nine.

Parallels in Lord Krishna's Birth and Maths


If you see the table, it has straightforward patterns in the products 9,18,27,36 etc. 



2+7=9....... and it goes on.

Now if you see the life of Lord Rama as per Ramayan, it's pretty straightforward. Whatever is ideal as per dharma he would do it. That's why he is also known as Maryada Purushottama which means "honor and righteousness". He was an ideal son, brother, friend, king, husband, etc.


No controversy at all, unlike Krishna.

No running away from the battlefield being a kshatriya. 

No stealing of butter from neighbors.   

No way getting married to 16,108 queens.                                                                                                  

Now Lord Krishna took birth on Ashtami (the eighth day in the lunar fortnight (Paksha) of the Hindu calendar ) that's why it's Krishna Janmashtami. 

Here is the table of Eight.

Parallels in Lord Krishna's Birth and Maths

If we try to derive the same pattern from products 8,16,24,32 etc.







5+6=11........what !! there is no link of 12 & 11 in the trend in which the pattern was going.

There is no straightforward pattern. 

Forget that he is not even standing straight. Three-fold being form.

Parallels in Lord Krishna's Birth and Maths

Confusing? Isn't it?

I mean that's how the life of Krishna is, it's quite bewildering to the common man. In fact when Britishers came to India and wanted to convert everyone to Christianity. 

They try to create philosophical doubts amongst Hindus. One of the arguments was Polytheism - How do you Hindus have so many Gods  Rama, Krishna, Balaji, Narasimha, Jagganath, etc?

Amongst all these forms Krishna is in no way near to being a God. He is stealing butter, he is herding the cows like any other cowherd boy, he is lifting sandals of his father on his head and having a tough time doing so. At least he is not God for sure compared to other forms, that's what Britishers felt and they banned the worship of Krishna in India which lasted for 10 years. 

Let's decode the Pattern in the table of  8  again.






4+8=12 --- 1+2 =3

5+6=11--- 1+1=2

6+4=10--- 1+0=1

Hey, we got the pattern this time in products  8,7,6,5,4,3, etc.

It was not so much understandable in the first look itself but when we try to understand it deeply, Bravo !!!! . It does make sense.

Similarly, the life of Krishna may not make sense to all of us so much in the first place but it will make sense only when we try to understand it deeply, that is through proper teachers and authentic scriptures.

Same thing Krishna says in Gita 4.34

Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Loved the way you used math to give powerful lessons about learning from spiritual master for understanding spiritual personalities. Wish You Happy Janmashtami 😊

  2. That was just too good. Hari Bol! Just a suggestion, you could post the article in some other platform without ads, if this platform isn't generating any revenue for you.

  3. It was quite interesting article. Very nice!!

  4. 😂I was wondering, how r u going to relate maths with krsna and rama, but once again as u said we have *deep dive* and then we will understand.
    Simply amazing, u used maths in service of lord 😇 this requires deep understanding and contemplation

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