Vedas - Mythology or Reality

My father served in the Indian Army for more than 25 years and we would get posted to different states after every 3-5 years. So my friend circle has a lot of variety. They come from different regions, languages, cultures, and religions.

Vedas - Mythology or Reality


I quite often strike up conversations with them to understand their culture. 

I asked them do you read scripture? and I get the following set of answers quite often

Christian - I have a Bible study circle once a week where we come together and read Bible.

Muslim - I read Quran regularly.

Hindu  - Well, I believe in Science and all these Vedas are mythology. We don't have any proofs that they are historical realities. They are just created by our ancestors to maintain law and order in society.

I thought I will take a stab at understanding if Vedas are a scientific historical reality or not.

Fasten your seatbelt this is going to be a rollercoaster ride.

Proving something has happened historically is not just any other branch of science. You may take an apple again and drop it from a height to prove Gravity as it's an empirical repeatable science. For Big Bang theory no scientist can go back into the past (unless we have a time machine) and see again how creation happened.

There are different ways historians hit if not going back in time to prove the existential reality of something in the past and we all will hit the same roads.


Attempts started to excavate the archaeological proofs for the legendary city Dwarka founded by Lord Krishna himself way back in 1969.

All this was possible because of the dedicated and daring efforts of marine archaeologists, scientists, and technicians of the Marine Archaeology Centre of the National Institute of Oceanography. Following were the findings in the survey -

* Explorations yielded structures such as bastions, walls, pillars, and triangular and rectangular stone anchors.


* A semi-spherical single-hole stone that might be the base for the flagpost.


* L-shaped edges of stones for proper grip and arresting wave action on bastions.


* Seals, and inscriptions, which have been dated to 1500 BC.


* Pottery, which has been dated to 3528 BC.


* Stone sculptures, terracotta beads, bronze, copper, and iron objects.

Dr. S. R. Rao (one of the most respected archaeologists of India) when asked how sure he is that this is Krishna's Dwarka he replied " only the nameplate is missing".

Based on the correlation between the excavated structures and artefacts with the description of Dwarka in Harivamsha Purana, and the fact that the carbon dating of artefacts falls around 3500BC, the same period concluded by many astronomical analysts as the period of the Mahabharata war and the submersion of Dwarka, it is more than reasonable to conclude that the excavated site near Bet Dwarka is indeed the legendary city of Dwarka.

Please read the detailed report of Dwarka Archeological here.

One more documentary of Sinauli - proving the existence of advanced civilization in the past .

Archaeological Facts - Sinauli Excavation Site


It's a branch of science combining maths and astronomy. Using this we can predict the position of celestial bodies like the moon, planets, etc on a particular date or vice versa. Using this only we are currently able to predict the solar and lunar eclipse.

If you read our scriptures especially Ramayan and Mahabharat for every important event or episode the author tends to give details of the position of different planets.

As astrology is also a limb of Vedic science and how an event is auspicious or not can be judged with the calculation of these planets' position. So our scriptures generally mention planetary positions for important incidents like the birth of lord Rama,Krishna, the passing away of great warrior Bheesm, etc.

In the second half of the following video, there is an exact calculation of Lord Ram's birth time with the help planetary position provided in Ramayan at the time of his birth and successive events in the Ramayan. The calculation is exactly as per Archeoastronomy matching as it's exactly as per the text of Ramayana.

In the last 10 min of the following video, there is again a detailed calculation of Mahabharat as per the astronomical references given in the Mahabharat text itself and it also matches accurately as per modern astronomic calculation.

As per the Vedas, it is said that when Kaliyuga started, all nine planets aligned in one line. This is an extremely rare event in human history. This is something that happened approximately five thousand years ago (which is when the Mahabharata took place) and scientists have themselves said this.


Vedas have given undefeatable predictions in various texts. Below I am quoting some exact references where Vedas predicted the birth of great personalities way before their birth.

1.Gautama Baudha - Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.24

2.Chanakya Pandit - Srimad Bhagavatam 12.1.11

3.King Ashoka - Srimad Bhagavatam 12.1.12

4.Chaitanya Mahaprabhu- Mahabharat 127.92.75

5.Jesus Chrits - Bhavisya Purana`

6.Symptos of Kaliyuga - Srimad Bhagvatam 12.2

Viman Shastra

Aerospace Engineer Travis Taylor developed a aircraft model whose specification was solely based upon the Vedas written more than 5000 years back.

Then he did a simulation to judge whether the design is technically correct as per aerodynamics to fly . Indeed he was successful in his experiment.

Modern Day Proof of Mystics

Many asks are there any modern-day proof of yogi or mystics present in India.

One of the most well-known and well-proven recent claims of mystical powers was that of a yogi Prahalad Jani who claimed to live for 70 years without food and water. Living without food is known as Inedia. Living without food and water is known as Breatharianism. Both of these are considered impossible for more than a few days, especially Breatharianism.

Prahalad Jani’s case was studied in 2003 and again in 2010 by doctors in Sterling Hospital in Ahmedabad, Gujarat under the supervision of the DIPAS (Defense Institute of Physiology and Applied Sciences) backed by the prestigious organization DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) who were interested in this study because if in war situations soldiers could live without food it would be extremely helpful.

Prahalad Jani was observed under strict and thorough monitoring for two full weeks when he neither took any water nor any food nor he passed any urine nor any stool nor any need for dialysis. He was declared at the end of the study as a medical miracle. How does Prahalad Jani explain that he can live without food and water? He says this is because of a benediction by Devi (Goddess) to him. This is a living example of what is unexplainable by science happening right in front of our eyes.

Here are list of articles written by Times of India on him.

Ancient Architecture

A maze of architectural wonders, a land where every stone narrates a story and every carving transports you back in time to the abundant diverse, and prosperous civilizations and people that inhabited this great land, Bharat.

We will discuss a few examples here to understand the advanced engineering knowledge our ancestors had.

Vitthal Temple

The pillars at the Vitthala temple leave one gaped at the melodious sounds they produce when one taps on them. These pillars are known to create the sounds of ancient and modern bells. 

This is a kind of sound technology that existed in ancient India that helped granite pillars mimic sounds produced by different instruments including complicated instruments such as "Gatam" (sound made by tapping on terracotta pots), "jaltarang" (uses water waves), and string instruments.

The large Ranga Mantapa is well-known for its 56 musical pillars, also known as SaReGaMa pillars. These have been attributed to the musical notes rising out of them. One can actually hear the musical notes if one taps the pillars gently. There is a set of main pillars and many smaller ones at the mantapa. 

Each pillar offers support to the ceiling of mantapa, while the main pillars are designed in the style of musical instruments. Each main pillar is wrapped with seven minor pillars, which emit musical notes. Each note emitting from these pillars produce different sounds, which also change as the string, percussion, and wind instrument are played. If the pillars are hit by sandalwood, they release rhythmic sounds close to SaReGaMa.

There are endless such examples that prove that our ancestors had an advanced understanding of civil engineering.

I won't get into the detail of all but give you a list to go through in your own personal time.

1. Hanging Pillar of Veerbhadra Temple - You can see one of the pillars is actually not touching the base but hanging.

2. Kailasa Temple at Ellora Caves - World's largest cantilever hanging roof.

3. Brihadeeswara temple - No shadow Gopuram.

4. Jagganath Puri Temple - Flag floats in the opposite direction of the wind.

5. Chidambaram Natraja temple - Golden Roof

6. Airavatesvara temple near the Kumbakonam District - Musical stairs

Vedic Metallurgy

The iron pillar of Delhi which is built in the 5th century with 99% of iron it is still standing tall without getting rusted.

In 1961, it was found that exceptionally pure quality iron was used in constructing the pillar and it had very low carbon content. Reportedly, the pillar's iron contains no sulfur or magnesium but has phosphorus. There is a protective layer called 'misawite' which is said to have made the pillar resistant to rusting.

Our ancestors had such advanced knowledge of metallurgy that corrosion scientist are still scratching their heads.

There are numerous other branches of knowledge that we got from Vedas that the world has started to follow and the western world is giving a red carpet welcome to it. Just to name a few.

1. Yoga

2. Organic farming

3. Astrology

4. Vaastu Shastra

5. Ayurveda

6. Vedic Mathematics

7. Embryology

First time the word vedic mythology was coined by Max Muller . The purpose was to make Indians feel ashamed of their own culture and indeed they were successful to a great extent.( You can read more on this on my another blog - Death of A Nation).

Hopefully this blog has enough proofs to claim that Vedas are historical reality and scientific.

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