The One Who Created God !!!

As per the creation theory theists generally advocate everything created has a creator and the creator of everything is God. Then the atheistic class comes back with an argument about who created God?

Because as per the logic which you just mentioned everything has a creator the God should also have one.

Theist - No God doesn't have any creator.

Atheist - Then you are violating the very logic that you used to prove the existence of God.

Theist - That's beyond human reasoning to understand

And the debate ends and our blog begins here. Let's try to approach what is beyond our reasoning to understand.

Approach 1_  Train & Engine 

If you have seen a train that has multiple coaches/bogies. One coach/ bogie is pulled by another and that one is pulled by another one but we can't continue the logic endlessly there has to be an engine that is pulling everything. 

Similarly, the logic of every created thing should have a creator should have an endpoint and that endpoint is God.

Approach 2_Author & The Novel

A reader starts reading a novel and the novel has multiple characters, timelines, stories, places, etc. But after reading the novel the reader may ask hey man !!!! where the hell is the author in the novel?

This question is similar to the question that we are discussing who created the GOD?

The answer obviously is that the author is not in the novel; he created the timeline, the storyline, and the characters in the novel, but he exists outside it. 

Similarly, God created time, space, and everything, including all of us, who live within time and space, but he himself exists outside the fabric of time and space. So everything that exists within time and space needs a beginning, a cause, but God who exists outside it, needs no cause, for he is the cause of time and space; he exists outside the chain of the creator and created.

Approach 3_ God & Logic

By definition, various scriptures tell God is the one who has created everything. If God had some origin then that origin becomes the God. How can the origin of everything have an origin?

Above all this question in itself is illogical to ask the origin or source of everything(God).

Approach 4_Extropolating law of conservation of energy

One may say it sounds unscientific how can something can't be created or not have a creator. But if you remember the Law of conservation of energy - Energy cannot be created nor be destroyed it can only change its form. Now in this case we don't go against this law declaring it illogical or superstition or based on faith .

Anyways here science is telling us energy cannot be created and we are talking about the one who created that energy God. How can he have a creator?

Approach 5_Science Vs Spirituality

As per many modern theories of science, the origin of the universe is singularity a point with infinite density, temperature, size, etc. In short, a lump of matter was the origin of the universe. Now even science is highly silent on the question of where this singularity or lump of matter came from.

Something similar to the question Who created God? 

If we go logically as per our daily observation. A lump of matter doesn't transform into a building or a car but a person does transform a lump of matter into a building or a car.

Now both the version of the origin of creation from Science and Spirituality needs faith.

You decide which one is more logical 

1. Science - a lump of matter transforms on it own in a building or a car.

2. Spirituality - A person transforms a lump of matter into a building or a car.

Approach 6_ Eternality

We live in a world that is temporary and influenced by time. Here everything is created at a certain point and will come to an end at a certain point. This very blog didn't exist till yesterday even in my mind. 

Now we are trying to understand the God who belongs to the world of eternality where time doesn't exist in a way it does in this world. There everything is ever existing. Nothing is created or destroyed. That's why it's difficult to comprehend for us.

Something similar to the frog in the well Chinese story. A frog who has visited the ocean comes back to his well and meets his other frog friend.  Now the frog in the well is asking the ocean-returned frog how big is ocean compared to the well. Now it's very difficult for frog 1 to explain and frog 2 to understand how big is ocean compared to well. 

Same way for us who belongs to the temporary world(Well) it is extremely difficult to comprehend the eternal world( Ocean) with limited experience of this temporary world.

Are you still not confused? Still not able to understand.

Well if you could understand the God who is the most supreme object and subject of this world by your intelligence then your intelligence will become supreme to the most supreme. That's technically not possible. The very fact we are not able to understand him proves his supremacy. 

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